What is Tri-Trick?

Tri-Trick is an innovative 3-level puzzle. Its ingenious game design is very simple yet surprisingly challenging!

Simple Is Beautiful

If simplicity is not considered, it's not very hard to design a challenging puzzle. But we believe that a good puzzle doesn't have to be a complicated one.

Tri-Trick is a puzzle based on only one simple rule. Its operation is also very simple and easy to learn, even kids can start enjoying the game in no time.

Goal of the Game

The goal of the game is to arrange nine scrambled digits (e.g. Figure A) into sequential order (Figure B) by exchanging them.

Rule of the Game

Tri-Trick has only one simple rule: Any three adjacent digits form a group, which can be exchanged with another group.

For example, as shown below, Group 1 can be exchanged with Group 2 or Group 3.

A Rule-Breaking Puzzle

There is a golden rule of IQ puzzle design: More combinations makes a game more challenging. So a 4 x 4 cube is definitely harder than a 3 x 3 one.

As a 3-level puzzle, Tri-Trick goes the opposite way: The lesser combinations makes the game much more challenging! Sounds like impossible? That's why Tri-Trick's game design is so unique.

Due to its ingenious game design, each level of Tri-Trick is a big challenge. On level one, you play the game with 9 digits. Its combination possibility is over 360,000. On level three, you play the game with 7 digits. Its combination possibility is about 5,000, but it is a lot harder than level one!

Tri-Trick gives a lot of fun to people who love challenges. If you like puzzle games, there's no reason to miss it!

Can't wait to play it? Both app version and toy version are available for your choice.